Wind: SE, 5 to 8, avg 7 kts Crew ? BB, BF, SR & RW Distance ? 4 nm The start was again near the old MRMSA ?X? between Horseshoe Reef and GLP 24, though this week with a little over one hour left of the flood in 6 to 8 knots of a southeast breeze. The RC chose a typical two lap WL course of one mile legs at 165 degrees, with windward mark just east of North Dumpling.

The starboard end of the line was favored by wind direction, yet the pin end was farther up current. In a toss up, I chose the starboard end for clear air. Starting at pin would have placed us up current closer to GLP a better choice in retrospect. On the line at the gun, our acceleration was compromised by Jolly Mon close to leeward. Nearing the eastern most GLP nun, Jolly Mon was first to tack across, then Cosmic. I intended on going farther concerned about being set down crossing the channel. Sailing into a light spot, I chickened out and tacked across. We should have toughed it out two or three minutes more as we were severely set. Much faster Cosmic & Jolly were not nearly as affected.

We held our ground downwind with a couple of jibes, rounded and extended eastward again towards GLP, this time far enough to cross and have just enough time on the layline for the set, and milk her home in the dying wind of the last leg for another third place.

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