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Donzo WNR - 09/03/14

Wind: average: W at 6.5, 9 kts avg on the long downwind
Current: ebb 1745 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s-V-I-f
Race Length: 4 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW

During the pre-start we had the choice to left upwind with less adverse current or to what appeared a better breeze on the right but with a stronger ebb along the shore. 

Still thinking left, we got sandwiched by San Souci to windward and Merganser leeward at the start, so I bailed out and went right for what still looked like better wind along the shore. 

This was true for fifteen minutes or so, as we made trees on those paralleling us offshore.   Then a new wind moved in from the south benefitting the boats offshore big time.   We took a hitch out to the new breeze, yet those that had gone left at the start were now far ahead.

We had a good rounding and set at Vixen, a great downwind making up some of our time, and a near perfect douse and rounding of Intrepid.  But the final beat to the finish in the dying wind and increasing ebb was long.

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Fishers Island - 08/30/14

58th Annual Round the Island Race
Wind: SE 6 to 12, G16
Average Wind: 155 at 8.2; C9 to Finish: 140 at 10.3 kts
Current: flood Race Pt: 0910, Race: 0925; ebb Napatree: 1425
Start 1025 & Finish 1355: West Harbor
Course: counter-clockwise
Race Length: 14.55 nm
Crew: Brian, Brandon & RW

Rather than tacking at North Hill (R2), we should have continued a bit farther, then after tacking abeam North Hill worked back in. Boats that favored the western shore did well.

Our approach to Race Point was a disaster.  As we neared R2, a large 39’ boat nearly overran us from arears, so close that their bow rail overlapped our stern rail.  Fortunately, they saw us a split second in time, pinched up & passed us to windward.  This took the wind out of our sails; losing our drive to clear the buoy, forcing us to tack inshore briefly then work our way back out for a 4 to 5 minute loss. 

After the close call and rounding I lost my 'drive' I’m ashamed to say.  Rather than tack in and out along the south shore for current avoidance, I chose a leisurely sail to Lord’s Pass.

The tight run to the finish along the North Shore with the reacher (Brandon trimming) was very enjoyable and would have been more so had I not given up the fight at Race Point.  

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> 6 kts
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Short of Race Point:
Reach to West Harbor:

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Donzo WNR - 08/27/14

Wind: SW (210) at 11.1 avg
Baro 29.89"; Temp 73 to 72 F
Current: ebbing; flood 1940 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-DM-s/f *2
Race Length: 4.8 nm
Crew: Adam, Brian & RW

We had a very good port start from near the pin, comfortably crossing the whole class (starting from the RC on starboard).  Both sets at the windward mark were on the money, as was the douse and rounding of the leeward mark.  

We lost some time on the first beat by digging in twice on starboard prior to the layline (two extra tacks). Once would have been sufficient- probably should have extended on starboard the first time (1808). On the last downwind to the finish the wind dropped below 10, benefiting Jolly Mon about seven minutes or so ahead & correcting over us by 23 seconds w/o the summer penalty. 

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Ram Island - 08/24/14

Crew: Brian, Brandon & RW
Winds: NE to SE, avg ESE 5.2 kts, peak gust 13
Weather: Few clouds morning, clear by noon, 73 F, 30.13
Current: ebb - 1043 North Hill, 1108 Race Point
Start time: 1015
Start/Finish: Groton Long Point / Ram Island
Course: counter-clockwise Fishers Island; Distance: approximately 14.5 nm

Following the start, we favored west too much for too long while those sailing closer to the rhumbline towards Race Point benefited.  The ebb was cooking big time at the top of Lord's Pass.  We should have cut across at Can-9 rather than exposing ourselves to the current much too long on the rhumbline from Can-11.

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Donzo WNR - 08/20/14

Wind: SE at 5 avg,
Baro 30.02"; Temp 71 to 67 F
Current: flood 1450 North Hill
Start: West of GLP
Course: s/f-DM-lmk-DM
Race Length: #.# nm
Crew: Adam, Brian,Dan & RW

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