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"While many sailors are familiar with rum, very few know that the Storm Trysail Club helped introduce Mount Gay Rum to the United States in the early 1950s. "

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The History and Origin of Figawi Race Weekend
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A tragedy: I never met Bob, yet talked to him over the phone numerous times and have countless emails from him.  He was always gracious and very helpful!   ~Rich

Plucked from Sailing Anarchy-

7/23/14 – Wanted to let you all know that Bob Winson passed away this morning at about 3:30a.  He was surrounded by his family – as he was when this terrible accident occurred.  Bob was surrounded by family wherever he went.  He loved being on the water with Dale.  He was a wonderful man.  I miss him already.

Want to set the record straight – Pythagoras is owned by Dale Winson and his dad, Bob.  Dale and Bob have been ocean racing together for 40+ years.

Pythagoras left Alamitos bay this past weekend with the entire family aboard for a Sunday sail.  While sailing on starboard tack, Pythagoras was struck by a charter sailboat on port tack.  Pythagoras did their best to avoid the collision, however, the bow of the sail boat – and bow anchor – struck Dale’s 84-year old dad in the head as he sat on the leeward side.  

Bob was struck in the head by the bow anchor resulting in a massive brain injury from which he will not recover.  Dale and his family are by his father’s side – they understand that he will pass away soon. This is a really sad tragedy and to speculate any further is just that – speculation.  Hoping you will all say a prayer for Dale and his family.

The Olson 40 Pythagoras was the latest powerboat casualty in the world of yachting; according to Channel 16, she was run down by a powerboat off Alamitos Bay.  At least one crew member was injured and taken off by lifeguards, and the only news we can find is right here in the thread.

How many more people need to get wounded before we all decide to start carrying flare guns in our cockpits to fire at these motorboating yahoos?  Thanks to SA’er “LBC” for the shot.

THE 38TH VOYAGE of the Charles W. Morgan

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This rum's the Real McCoy
By Joe Wojtas; The Day: March 31. 2014

When Bailey Pryor was making his recent Emmy award winning film for PBS about famed Prohibition rum runner Bill McCoy, he wondered if anyone had every trademarked the phrase "The Real McCoy."

The well-known phrase came into being in the 1920s because McCoy's rum was prized for being the real thing, not watered down.

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The Straight Man

By Kristina Dorsey; The Day:Feb 17, 2008
Local filmmaker makes documentary about rum runner Bill McCoy

Bill McCoy was one of the last gentlemen bootleggers. He wasn't violent. Heck, he didn't drink. He didn't even water down the booze he sold during Prohibition, and so his product became known as “The Real McCoy.”

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