Day sails

Erin, Ben & Caitlin & left the dock at 1100, motored out to M1 to hoist our (used only a handful of times' Rolly Tasker) cruising mainsail & the forty-year old 155 genoa.  Nearing R20, the wind picked up to 8 kts making for a nice sail eastward against the tide.  Approaching Young's Rock a few tacks took us up into East Harbor in a 8 to 11 kt breeze.  After lunch and lounging for a couple hours, we sailed under main alone along Fishers shore to hang out at Flat Hammock for 3-hours.  Ben steered a good bit of the way back to Noank under just the main.  It was a very warm day, but the nice breeze made in nicely bearable.  

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Today Erin, Ben, Caitlin, Ryan , DJ & I left the dock at 1130 and motored out to anchor at Flat Hammock for three-hours.  A fortunate high cloud cover made for a pleasant day, in spite of there being little to no wind.   On the way home, we motored out to North Hll, and hoisted sail on the west side of North Dumpling to ghost back to Spicers in the ebb.

Due to concerns about maintaining the family bubble in these times of Covid19, I decided not to continue Wednesday night racing this year.



Adam, Brian & I went out  with John Fries in conditions perfect for evaluating our new sails: a light #1 genoa & main.  In addition to having a very pleasant sail, we learned a few things from John along the way. 

Genoa photo one
Genoa photo two

Spent the day sailing with Cousin Rolf Pope, a nearly cloudless one, winds 8 to 12.  North Dumpling to Eastern Point, to Stonington and back to Noank.  Need to get a cruising mainsail as the boltrope is a pain for day sailing.

This morning we re-connected the keel cable- Bob operating the winch, handing me the clevis pin, clip, etc. as I did the diving. Following the cable requirements, we took a two & a half hour sail over to West Harbor, around the Dumplings and back. A beautiful fall afternoon- we could have stayed out all day had we both not had other needs to attend to this evening.

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